Friday, February 18, 2011

September 1, 2010 - Colin's first day of school

Colin starts 4K this Fall! The school posts the class listing on the main entry doors a few days before the school year begins. Colin has Mrs. Schaefer and is very excited!

Colin does his first homework assignment before he even starts school! He has an 'All About Me' worksheet that he fills out to let his teachers and class know all of the fun things he likes!

With a little help from our friend Eric, Colin has the coolest backpack of all at Richards Elementary! It's his own 'C-bot' backpack (a robot with a C denoted on it).

Colin's ready for his first day of Elementary School!

A special treat since for the first day, we only attend for 1 hour, Colin and Mama go out for a super awesome first day of school breakfast... and Colin gets mickey mouse pancakes to go along with the attire he has selected for his first day of school, his Disney t-shirt!
Colin coloring a school bus picture in his new 4K (half day kindergarten) classroom!

He was a natural for school, not nervous a bit and I'm sure I had to chase him down for a hug goodbye!

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