Friday, March 27, 2009

March 14, 2009 - visiting other friends and fun in Seattle

Mama recently connected with her friend Lindsey (shocker, via our kids blogs and facebook :) from growing up who now lives outside of Seattle.  We were able to drive down to meet her family and Colin had a fun time playing with Avery who just turned 2!
In the afternoon, we picked up my cousin Jon who recently moved to the area from Hawaii from the ferry stop and we drove north of Seattle to see this great park and beach... that just may have a slide... in the shape of a salmon.  It was sweet.

We stopped at the pier before Jon had to take the ferry and rode the ferris wheel and played our favorite carnival games.. air hockey and skee ball of course!
What a fun day and so great to see our other friends and family in the area!

For all of the pictures of our vacation to Seattle, click here!

March 13, 2009 - Pike's Place Market

A sunny afternoon trip to Pike's Place Market... we enjoyed watching the fish flying through the air at the market, picking out fresh flowers for Amy and walking down to the Irish Pub for some lunch, a perfect end to a fun day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 13, 2009 - trip to the Seattle pier aquarium

so many fish, seals and sharks at the aquarium... and we spent plenty of time with all of them on this fabulous day!

March 12 - views of Seattle

Captured views that lead me to believe I might just enjoy living in Seattle (few of the outstanding and amazing sights of this city) ...and of course, Colin would love his frequent trips to the aquarium too! :)

March 12, 2009 - Seattle zoo

Colin really loved the tiger best of all when we spent the day at the Seattle zoo but we sure did take a lot of pictures involving monkeys (or statues of)! 

March 11, 2009 - new skills

Colin has become significantly more brave in the past few weeks and loved taking all of the pillows off of Amy's couch when we got to Seattle for our FABULOUS visit :) to dive into them from the couch.  Here's when we tried to capture the action shot...

March 11, 2009 - flight to Seattle

 Flight to Seattle - a success and such a beautiful view!

March 8, 2009 - Jordan's 3rd birthday festivities!

Jordan celebrated her 3rd birthday at Chuck E Cheese and and Colin had a blast with Jordan and their friends! 
Bella and Colin mesmerized by a rollercoaster game / Colin chowing on pizza!
Colin checking out the rides and everyone enjoying the party! 

Sunday, March 08, 2009

March 3, 2009 - Colin with his kittiesl

Colin is learning how to be nice to the kitties and we play/cuddle with them all the time (although still has to be told daily at some point not to "blank" (insert any of the following: pull the kitties tail, be rough with the kitties, step on the kitties, pile toys on the kitties, etc). 

February 26, 2009 - ready for spring


...because there is only so much indoor bouncing you can do to wear out a 3 year old extremely energetic boy!