Monday, April 13, 2009

April 11, 2009 - Colin look alike

So Colin's expressions may be slightly more exaggerated... but see comparison pictures of Colin and Mama around the same age when she was a girl. 
...Colin may just be jealous b/c he doesn't have a big sibling to do "towel sandwiches" with like Mama did with Aunt Lissa after our bath time! 

April 10, 2009 - vacation day (and a busy one!) on Good Friday

Colin and Mama had a fabulous vacation day on Friday as Colin's day care was closed.  We started the morning making chocolate chip pancakes and playing at home and then headed off to Betty Brinn Children's Museum for our first adventure!
We attempted the downtown library but it was closed so we headed back to our neighborhood to the Whitefish Bay library to get some new books and kids cd's to check out and Colin enjoyed making himself at home in the children's room to read this neat dinosaur book for a while.  


Then we stopped at Trader Joe's to get some groceries and eggs to dye!
We had fun dying Easter eggs... with drawings of dinosaurs, robots and great danes on them!
Colin's pick for dinner, a homemade pizza with mushroom and hamburger!
And then.... after a long and FUN day- Colin says while eating "I'm sleepy Mommy, can I go to bed?"  So after a few more bites and teeth brushing, Colin went to sleep around 7 pm!

April 9, 2009 - Easter packages

Thanks to Aunt Lissa, Uncle Dan and Kivrin and to Grammy Mary for the fun Easter packages Colin received!
His favorite things were the puzzle and snakes from Grammy Mary and all of the cool dinosaurs from Kansas, especially the one that he got to hatch!

Friday, April 10, 2009

April 7, 2009 - we heart iChat

We have officially become a mac family... and although Mama still gets frustrated with the mac/pc differences that I haven't figured out yet, there are many more mac functions that outweigh this frustration... such as iChat.   We can now do live video chat with Papa and Kivrin (with her parents supervision :) at the same time and it is way cool (in Colin's words).
Colin and Papa playing with puppets and Kivrin watching
Colin playing hide and seek via video with Kivrin who was full of giggles watching!
The view from Kivrin's computer of Colin, Mama and Papa!

April 4, 2009 - spelling and sunglasses

Colin is learning how to spell and write letters/words.  We are getting good use out of the leapfrog fridge letters that teach pronunciation of each letter!
While waiting for gymnastics to start, Colin was playing with Mama's sunglasses and enjoyed sporting them with different looks, all very stylish :)

April 3, 2009 - tackle!

I think Lauren may have some better pictures, but these are the highlights from Friday Fish Fry at Albaneses's.  Kevin was a saint for letting the boys tackle him about 50 times over the course of the evening... running around the table at full force each time!

March 30, 2009 - Microsoccer!!!

Colin is taking microsoccer through the rec department and he loves it! 
I love that Colin sits on his soccer ball while listening for the next instruction

Thursday, April 09, 2009

March 27, 2009 - weekend visit in STL with cousin Kivrin

Finally somewhere warm enough to play outside!  We spent the weekend at Papa's house and had a blast. 

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

March 15, 2009 - long trip home

Colin and I ended up spending a lot of unexpected time traveling back to Milwaukee on Sunday from Seattle (a quick landing in Kansas City turned into a deplaning and 3+hour delay putting us traveling for over 12 hours and not getting home until 1:30 am...)  
Colin being silly in the SEA airport!
love for the iPhone podcasts! Favorites this trip were Sesame Street podcasts about dogs and robots :)
Colin coloring pictures during our long delay at the KC airport, which he then distributed around to the other waiting passengers, so cute!
The excitement about finally getting on an airplane going back to Milwaukee (around 10 pm...)
And after falling asleep laying on my arm on the airplane, Colin slept like a champ while I carried him and our bags/car seat out of the airport!