Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30, 3007- First house injury

Not a major one but it definitely left a mark! Colin's new thing is this odd combination of what looks like gymnastics, yoga and break dancing.... and he tries to balance himself on 3 of his 4 legs/arms. Needless to say, a tumble from this was bound to happen... and unfortunately did on the stone kitchen tile. A quick snuggle and bag of frozen peas on the forehead and within a minute, Colin was laughing again... here he is climbing the stairs to go get his shoes w/ Mama upstairs before we left the house in the morning and you can see the forehead injury.

April 29, 2007 - VROOOMMMMM!!!

...goes Colin down the driveway in his new car! This was a birthday present from Melissa, Michelle and Mrs. Condon and Colin finally gets to use it!

He drove the car around the driveway, honked the horn and practiced parallel parking (okay, so maybe that last one is a little bit of a stretch :)

April 29, 2007 - Colin's vagabond weekend...

...while Mama and Grandpa got everything (or as much as possible:) settled in the new house, Colin's friends invited him over for play dates so he didn't have to deal with power tools and moving boxes!! Colin went over to his pal Jack's on Saturday mid-morning and got to play with Jack, his older sister Katie and their dog, Bopper! Nolan joined in the fun and the toddler boys enjoyed playing in the sand, going down the slide in the park and eating lunch together! Mama's friend Lisa picked up Colin in the afternoon for an overnight sleepover at his pfgf Jordan's house (and yes, Colin and Jordan slept in separate rooms!! ....and pfgf stands for potential future girl friend :). Mama and Lisa did a baby transfer at Starbucks on Sunday morning and Mama took Colin over to his friend Cole's for one last playdate!
Click here to see more pictures of Colin and Cole- the boys played so cute together!
Colin did WONDERFUL with all of the commotion going on and even remembered who his Mama was when he got home on Sunday afternoon!
...and Mama will be sure to join in on the fun next time versus unpacking boxes and hanging baby gates! :)

Thanks to all of the Mamas that helped us out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April 24, 2007- Week of the Young Child

It's 'Week of the Young Child' at school (Guardian Angel) so Colin got to wear a silly hat on Monday (and the hat style is silly but the baseball team is oh-so serious!) and Tuesday was pajama day so he sported these cool dog jammers today.

He's also showing off his sign language skills for 'more' (fingers together from both hands) and 'please' (rubbing his hands in a circle on his chest) while he asks Aunt Lissa for more snacks!

April 22, 2007 - Our neighborhood park

...looks out onto Lake Michigan- it is beautiful! Klode Park is about 5 blocks away from the new house in WFB and has a great playground (that we didn't even make it to on this visit :) and a nice walkway down to the lake and beach. Colin and Mama look at the waves in the lake from the lookout deck.

Colin loved running around in the open field at the park! Aunt Lissa got her fill of stroller pushing around the neighborhood on this walk :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 21, 2007 - Swimming

We had to take advantage of the Yankee Hill pool one last time before we moved... and had Aunt Lissa with us to take some pictures. Colin LOVES swimming and especially swimming with his pool noodle! We're working on Colin learning how to kick his feet to swim to reach something :) Looks like we need to find a summertime pool in WFB!

April 17, 2007 - Mama's packing helper!

Colin has been such a big helper to Mama packing the boxes to move to his new house! Here he is helping push a full box across the hallway.

...he is also a big fan of Grandpa's moving cart! Let's just say that he "found" his way into this spot when Mama had walked into another room for a minute :) We've got a climbing toddler... watch out!
We've had lots of helpers to start moving and painting the new house-- we'll definitely owe Grandpa and Auntie Lissa for all of their hard work and help!
Colin and I will be officially moved to the new house on Thursday!

Friday, April 13, 2007

April 12, 2007 - Napping and coloring...

After an exhausting morning with the house closing, Colin takes it easy in the afternoon, taking a long nap in this very odd position (with rosy cheeks and binky b/c the little man is teething again).... and then spends some time coloring.

April 12, 2007 - Colin's house!

It's official! Mama and Colin own a home! We closed on Thursday morning and everything went smoothly. The previous owners (who have 3 small children) left a present for Colin, a book with a note from the kids and a bottle of champagne in the fridge for the Mama! Very nice!

Here's a few pictures of us at the house on closing day!

Grandpa is already busy painting the upstairs rooms and I have even actually started packing a few boxes :) Colin has already climbed up and down the stairs multiple times and loves it! (time for many baby gates...) We won't officially move until later in the month so we have some time to pack and figure out what we will need for the new house (lawnmower.. what's that? :)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

April 8, 2007 - Happy Easter!

Colin spent the Easter weekend with Craig's family. Before he left, he got his Easter basket from Mama with special treats in it from Grammy Mary too!

Colin loved (or tolerated for a few seconds :) his lamb ears, tasting the plastic eggs and enjoyed his bunny and new books!

Happy Easter to everyone!

Here's some pictures of Colin's Easter weekend with Craig and his family! Colin had so much fun!!

April 5, 2007 - 'Me" tee

Colin wearing his 'Me' tee.... courtesy of David and Ani DiFranco's 'Righteous Babe Records'
ahhh, he makes his Mama so proud :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April 1, 2007 - The Domes

We went to the Domes today (indoor botanical gardens) and Colin loved walking around and looking at the beautiful flowers (and trying to eat the woodchips).

Colin was having a snack on the way home to tide him over until lunch time and was very talkative one minute and the next minute was silent... I looked back and he was sound asleep- still holding the snack container in his hand and snack crumb evidence on his shirt! Walking around the Domes really wore Colin out!

March 31, 2007 - Silly Snack Time

Colin loves eating crackers out of his "snack trap"
Answering the question "How much does Colin love Mama?" (and in case you couldn't tell, his answer is "THIS MUCH!" :)
Colin giggles while he gets kisses from Mama
The classic self taken pose

One of the many meals had in Colin's chair today.... a very humorous and happy baby eating crackers and being silly with Mama

March 27, 2007 - Eating with silverware

Colin is beginning to get much better using silverware to feed himself. Here he's eating cottage cheese with a spoon. He's very proud of himself :)