Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 12, 2009 - no other place like it on earth... the Black River Lodge

... or at least no place similar to which Colin and I have ventured together!

Our dear friend Amy invited us to join her extended family and friends to visit a place of refuge from the constant buzz and stress of life... the Black River Lodge, about 2 1/2 hr SW of St. Louis. Amy flew in from Seattle, her parents from Memphis and other family/friends from surrounding states. This is a place where you are a newby if you have been vacationing at the Lodge for 20 years. It's just fabulous in all of it's unchanged traditions... the zombie walk to the dinner hall when the bell rings, the gatherings on the pickleball court every evening for snacks and group story/music time, the daily float in the river, lounge time in the morning and 'playground', the daily menu that anyone walking by can quote you (although I heard they did change Monday from pork chop night to lasagna about 10 years ago and that is still news). It was such a great experience for both Colin and I and although we were only able to stay for a few days this year, I think we may try to work our way into an honorary "Sellers" family status by next year so that we can stay the week.. and maybe showcase Colin in the Friday night talent show :)
Thanks Amy, Nancy and Jim for welcoming us as part of your family for this special part of your family traditions!
Amy became a 'grown-up' this year... reserving her own cabin! / Colin's hangout at the lodge, the playground!
So many throwbacks... remember tetherball?
And the morning shuffleboard tourney is always a hit (Amy and I lost in round 1 :) so we played with Colin later that day
Colin was quite the photographer on this trip- here's one taken by him of Amy and I... and another :)
We didn't end up needed the rainy day rec room but still checked it out for a little air hockey and video game action! / Make shift smores (we missed the bonfire night on Thursday) in the Sellers toaster oven that Colin and Nancy made for everyone!

Tadpole catching fun before dinner in the river, they were HUGE and I think I definitely won the mom award for touching the slimy little guys- then Colin let them all swim away of course!
Colin's new friends
Let's just say that it's pretty obvious that Amy and Colin had a BLAST together
The river nearing sunset

** MORE RIVER PICS TO COME (I need to get them from Amy to post as she has a fab waterproof camera that documented all of our river floating adventures!!) ***
Here's a link to her Picasa album until I get them posted!

Guitar jam session with Colin and Brian, Amy's cousin
Colin had a special treat of getting some guitar lessons from Amy's cousin Brian the morning we were heading out. Brian is an amazing guitar player and Colin like watching him and learned how to hold his guitar and strum a bit.

And to complete our Black River Lodge fun, a little silly string war action!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 7, 2009 - morning trip to mobot

Family outing to MO Botanical Gardens, one of every one's favorite places!
In front of the water lily ponds with the beautiful Chihuly glass
Colin and Mama check out the lily gardens / Playing in the shooting fountain pool!
Kivrin walking around the kids tree house / Lissa, Colin and Kiv in a huge bee hive!
The Japanese Gardens... and feeding the quite huge koi fish, Colin aimed each piece of food to shoot directly into the fish mouths
Colin and Kivrin travel in style (thanks to Papa and Uncle Dan!)

July 5, 2009 - Kivrin's first steps!

So cool... Kivrin started walking while we were all together this weekend, Colin was her walking coach!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 10th, 2009 - while Colin's away...

... the Mama will play!

Ok, well, Colin was playing too- just at Papa's house for a few days while I flew back to MKE to work. He and Papa took the Metro Link to the Arch, swimming at cousin Allan's, to the Science Center, Uncle Jim's to ride the tractor, and the STL zoo (whew!). So before I flew back to STL, I fit in a night of fun to celebrate our friend Carrie's birthday Mardi Gras style on an evening sail courtesy of our friend Jeff to Discovery World for an outdoor showing of 'The Big Lebowski' ... there may have even been a small pirate tattoo parlor set up at our picnic blanket :)

Happy Birthday Carrie! (and our Captain) / Milwaukee from Lake Michigan
Friends on the boat
Thanks to our talented tattoo artist Liza! Colin was very impressed!

July 4th weekend, 2009 - vaca at Papa's house

Borrowed from Kivrin's blog, a montage of the fun time can be found here:

A small insight into our 4th of July long weekend at Papa's house and visiting friend/favorite sites in STL... and Kivrin's walking debut, over a month before her 1st birthday!

Hanging out with Kiv, it had been too long since I had some QT baby time! / Colin and Papa at Bobby's!!

Kivrin practicing her steps outside before she was ready to go solo a few days later!
It's starting to become a full house at Papa's house for visits! / Colin walking cousin Laure's dog in her backyard (or the dog walking him...? :)

Kivrin is getting SO BIG! / Colin trying his first Ted Drew's chilly treat!
Lissa had a craft book and she bought the supplies to make these great fairy skirts... so we made a ton of them for our kids and all of their friends. I may have had other ideas for how to use them though? :)
Hangin' with old friends and meeting new ones!
Colin and Bennie cruising in his Jeep / meeting our friend Bridget's precious son Kai!

July 3, 2009 - Elvis snarl

I swear that I didn't ask Colin to give an Elvis snarl on prupose in this picture... he's geared up for our July road trip and was excited to bring his guitar!