Saturday, January 29, 2011

August 22, 2010 - Epcot Center, last day at Disney!

Last day at Disney.... I think the first time visitor had an awesome time!

Colin and Mama, "sleeping" for the picture!

The cool Epcot Center, and a day filled with fun ocean life and space adventure!

Outside of Epcot!

Our picture greeting from Spaceship Earth, the ride inside Epcot

Awesome aquarium, here's Colin and his friend the shark

Colin observing the aquarium, check out the sting ray and tortoise!

AughhhhH! We're being eaten by a shark!

Outside at Epcot

Mama's favorite part of Epcot, the ride through the hydroponic garden! Oh, if I only had billions of dollars to fund my own!

Colin's tasty Disney remembering treat!

Someone slept the entire airplane ride home...

Friday, January 28, 2011

August 20-21, 2010 - Animal Kingdom and back to the Magic!!

First stop of the day was the Animal Kingdom safari ride! Awesome live animals on our safari adventure!

Colin watches the hippo

Our victory pose after the boat adventure ride (only a little soaked!)

Playing in the mist to cool off in the HOT, HOT FL weather!

Climbing on a new friend!

Train ride with Papa

Bug eyes! Ready to see a fun buggy 4-D film!

Colin in Minnie Mouse's house!

Riding Aladdin's magic carpet!

Colin rode and conquered it, Thunder Mountain!!!

The one part of the Disney vacation that broke my heart....

And the reason for the Disney trip... our silhouette portraits!!

Does it look like us?

A late afternoon storm's a brewing behind the Magic Kingdom

A little relax time after a long and fabulous Disney day!