Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 19, 2010 - Colin the soccer player.

Colin started his micro soccer class for Spring and loves it (I don't think there has been an activity or sport that he has tried and not loved so he's getting in a lot of variety to try everything out!
He's the blond in the orange shirt / in line for scrimmages!

April 18, 2010 - hockey class

Colin is taking his first true hockey ice skating class, but still very focused on skating skills and he doesn't get a stick/puck on the ice until the third level!
And one of the most fun parts (for Colin and Mama :) - his friend Brendan is taking skate lessons at the same time so we get to catch up with our friends!

April 18, 2010 - Monkey Joe's

Colin had a blast at his friend Krish's birthday party at Monkey Joe's! Tons of inflatable bouncy houses, slides and games!

The birthday guests and Krish at the head of the table / Krish, Thomas and Colin - best buds
Colin, Sam, Caleb and Ayanna (friends from day care) bouncing around / The gang climbing one of the big slides- they were so quick it was hard to get any good action pictures!

April 10, 2010 - to the tractor mecca

MOLINE, IL... Homeland of John Deere tractors

Liz and I took the kids to the John Deere Commons to climb on and pretend to drive some very large tractors and diggers. It's a pretty cool place and everyone enjoyed!
All smiles driving his OWN tractor!
But being at the wheel of this rather LARGE front loader... now that's handling some heavy equipment!
And what about being INSIDE the bucket!?!

Amazed by all the machines!

Ella and Colin show how tall they are compared to the tractor tire!

April 10, 2010 - on the farm

The beauty of the farmland....

Ellis, Colin and Josie

Ellis the outdoor climbing pro on the fallen trees
Colin watches on... not quite as comfortable with the tree climbing!

Josie finds a little nest in the trees to take a rest
Colin and Ellis trying to stir up the frogs in the pond

April 9, 2010 - next stop... Quad Cities!

Next stop on the Spring Break road trip... Quad Cities! Colin and I hadn't been to visit the Andalusia farm in almost 2 years... so it was way overdue. Big thanks to Liz and Bri for opening their home to us to add to the madness! We got to meet the newest addition to the girl clan, Madison Grace and spend much time with the growing Ellis (3 1/2) and Josie (2)! Of course, you can't forget the dogs Molly and Rico and their kitty cat too.

The neatest part of visiting our dear friends is that they live on the land where Liz grew up, and now live in her grandparents home. The house is on a sprawl of acres, full of woods, rolling hills, trails and a pond. The farmland is across the road and now rented out, the entire place is beautiful, peaceful and feels like home.
Ellis, Colin and Josie - making MUD PIES! And these girls know how to play in the mud, much better than Colin for sure!
Ellis, Josie and Colin goofing around / Brian taking Ellis and Colin for a ride!
Colin being silly to amuse baby Madi / Liz making chocolate covered strawberries for a treat with the kids!
Sweet girl and Mama / Family cookout and bonfire on Saturday evening, the kids playing bags (note the team :), wonderful time spent with Liz's family around the fire and roasting marshmallows!

Let's just say that Colin and Ellis were two peas in a pod during our visit... this was a moment where I asked the two of them to smile for a picture and Colin pouted a 'NO' and turned his head away... Ellis following suite.. but then of course I got them to change their minds and got a silly picture of these cute silly kiddies!

April 9, 2010 - stroll by the river

On our last day in Peoria, Dawn and I took the kids to walk around by the riverfront and to lunch before Colin and I headed onto our next road trip adventure destination!
Violet pointing to a duck in the river / Colin and Lane

Colin picking beautiful bouquets of dandelions...
Lane the tiger ready to pounce!

Thanks to everyone we visited in Peoria for their hospitality, unchanging friendship and love through all of the years and changes! It's amazing now to see our children become great friends (just wish we could ALL live closer together!)

April 8, 2010 - fun morning at the kids gym

Jessica had a great idea to take the kids to the indoor gym for some run around playtime and they all had a blast! Lots of running, rolling around, riding bikes, driving cars, racing and hula hooping!
Colin and Violet rocking around / Violet's sweet and silly face!
Colin being pulled around by Mama / hula hooping!

Pierce driving with added passenger Violet / Ben tooling around town!
Lane and Pierce rocking around / tunnel fun
Lane's turn for the tunnel / a new Olympic event... shopping cart races?